National University – CAS Petition process

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I’m currently trying to go back to school.

However, I’m also currently in a limbo period – where I don’t know if they’ll accept me.

I have found myself jumping onto google in hopes of finding the answers to questions that randomly jump into my mind.

So let’s start here – in case anyone was on google looking for the same answer.

I am a *hopeful* transfer student. I am coming from 10-12 years of community college under my belt, with a shit ton of courses – and a very low gpa. To be slightly more detailed:

  • Cal Poly Pomona
  • San Diego Mesa / City / Miramar Community Colleges
  • Cuyamaca Community College
  • Palomar Community College
  • Ashford University (online, for profit school)
  • USD (Paralegal program)

Although I do not know the exact amount of credits/courses I am transferring with, I do know that I am carrying with me a 1.6 gpa. (If you need a refresher, a 2.0 is a C average – anything under that is … a cry for help lol).

The process therefore, with National University (at least, in my experience):

  1. Application (I did all of my program research on my own, and even applied without ever having talked to someone at National University. I even filled out the FAFSA on my own.)
  2. Meet with Admissions Advisor (I met with mine in person)
    – I discussed my goal program, and how best to reach there
  3. Request all transcripts from every school I had ever attended (there is literally no point in hiding a school, that may have 1 course that you failed lol. They’ll find it.)
  4. CAS PETITION : CAS is the Committee for Academic Success.
    – Because I have a low transferring GPA (1.6) I needed to write a CAS petition letter, in which I request that the Committee admit me to National University on a provisional basis.
    – My letter discussed why I was going back to school, what my program was, why my experiences were subpar, and how I plan to succeed. 
    – Your advisor will submit your CAS Petition and all of your transcripts.
  5. WAIT.

So this is where I am. Waiting.

I have no idea how long it will take to get a response.

My CAS Petition was submitted on June 11, 2018.

I keep my gmail open on my computer while I’m at work, just in case I get an email from the school or my advisor.

Is it possible that National will reject me?