LVNin My Best Life?

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When National University told me that I wouldn’t qualify for their Nursing program I sort of just threw my hands up.

I like to stay in my comfort zone. Realizing and deciding to chase Nursing was already out of my comfort zone, so when I was told how much I would need to do to start – it was almost too far off.

So, I looked at the programs National was offering, and chose one that sounded good. I got excited about it even.

My advisor turned in my CAS petition – but then there was something missing. I went completed it, and he turned it in again, now there are other things missing.

I’m realizing this was really my moment.

This is God telling me that this was not my path. My path is nursing. I need to figure out my best path to get to my goal.

If I have to apply to an LVN program and then apply to a bridge program, then so be it.