High Vibrations

Planting the concept of “drab to fab” into your MINDSET to grow self confidence. Topics include mental health, fashion and beauty.

Wellness on a Budget.

Since I am a part of the #DebtFreeCommunity (on instagram!), I have found that sometimes it is a bit difficult to feel I could also flourish into the Wellness community as well. A plant based lifestyle with a healthy fitness routine and balancing my budget sounds like the trifecta. HIGH CARBS & HIGH VIBES. I’m […]


Thursday, October 12

For my lunches today I packed up the baon (tagalog essentially for leftovers – not to be confused with “penetration” which is what Google decided to tell me right now LOL) from yesterday’s mock house chicken. I contemplated calling in sick again this morning – but the thought of losing out on my daily pay […]