About Me

H I G H C A R B S // H I G H V I B E S, is my ode to mindful eating, wanderlovin’ and life progression.

I went about life a little differently than I expected / planned / hoped to. I chased false dreams and praised false idols. I’ve lost my way over and over, and always end up at negative 1. I fought for the wrong people for so long. I never fought for myself.

I’ve found myself, and I’ve created myself numerous times over.

I am who I am. I struggle with my demons, but I always continue fight.

What we put out into this world, we get back.

My goal is to continually grow in love and light.

As a newfound believer of the Universal Laws with a specificity towards the Law of Attraction, I have learned to raise my vibrations and inundate my life with positivity – although I would be lying if I said I never wallow in self pity, I try my hardest to mutter the spell lumos.


It is more than a dream of mine to be able to share this space, this one space, found in the midst of the entire world wide web, this all-encompassing space for personal growth with you. In the event that you might be suffering, you might be yearning, you might be curious about – any of the things I also suffer through, yearn for, and am curious about.

So let’s toast to high carbshigh vibes.