12 Universal Laws

The Law of Divine Oneness The first of the twelve Universal Laws helps us to understand that everything in this World is connected to everything else. The Law of Vibration Everything in this Universe vibrates in its own frequency in circular patterns – “misery loves company” and “like attracts like,”  a vibrational energy will resonate […]



Awkwardly, I don’t have a photo of us, but it was our anniversary on Saturday. It took me weeks and weeks to find the perfect restaurant, and we had to drive out to San Juan Capistrano for it. It needed to have both meat and vegan options, haha. When I saw the menu online for Trevor’s At […]


Late nights & early morns

This weekend has been a blur – a rollercoaster as always, but with significantly less sleep than usual. We’re up right now in the #lulafactory working on size and style stickers for product photos. It’s a labor of love, with some serious finger/eye coordination. I feel like I’ve been away from my Lula business for […]