vegan lifestyle

Thursday, October 12

For my lunches today I packed up the baon (tagalog essentially for leftovers – not to be confused with “penetration” which is what Google decided to tell me right now LOL) from yesterday’s mock house chicken. I contemplated calling in sick again this morning – but the thought of losing out on my daily pay […]


Smoothie Bowl

I woke up under the weather this morning. Headache, stomach ache, my teeth hurt (that is coincidental – there is immense pressure amongst my bottom teeth) so I choose, instead of popping tylenol – to make a fruit filled smoothie bowl. Featuring: flax milk, spinach, bananas, berry medley and some Sunfood Superfoods mix. Topped with […]


Raw Vegan Vibes.

As I sat at my work desk, with my diet coke and french fries (feeling exponentially more … draggy with each bite) I decided to hop onto my friend Christine’s instagram page. She had recently gone vegan and more recently, was eating a raw vegan diet. Her food photos would come across my page and […]